Athlete of the Week 3/10/19: Riley Clark

Q: How long have you been diving for?

A: I have been diving since the end of 5th grade or 7 years.


Q: When did you become the record holder for Woodland boy’s diving? What was the record then and what is the record you hold now?

A: I broke both records my sophomore year. The 6 dive record was 223.10 now it is  257.70.

The 11 dive record was 342.85 and now it is 432.80.


Q: How much did you break the record by when you first broke it? How did you feel when you initially broke it?

A: I only broke it by nine points when I first broke the record. I felt like I conquered the world when they announced I broke it. All I wanted to do when I came in sophomore year was to break both the records and when I did it was like all the hard work that I put in was finally worth it.


Q: So far what have been your accomplishments in the sport of diving?

A: I won NVL’s  my sophomore year then the following two years making me a three time NVL champion which hasn’t been done by another diver since 2009.  I have broken both records numerous times throughout my high school career. I have also placed fourth in class S state diving junior and senior year.  In 8th grade at LRMS I placed third in states and that was only the fourth meet I had ever dove competitively. Although personally my biggest accomplishment is after hitting the board multiple times every year and after many hospital visits and concussions, I have never been afraid to get back up on the board and strive to do better.


Q: Do you hope to continue diving into college?

A: I will be diving in college for The University of Maine Division 1 Swimming and Diving team.


Q: What are three words to describe yourself?

A: Three words that I would use to describe myself would be passionate, charismatic, and quick-witted.