All About Indoor Track

Seniors Karly Laliberte, Stephanie Poynton, and Alyssa VanAlstyne get ready for their race.

Every student at Woodland wants to find their place. Whether it be through clubs or sports, there is something for everyone. A great option to look into is Indoor Track and Field.

Indoor Track and Field is a varsity sports team that runs from late November to late January and the girls team is currently the undefeated 8-time NVL Champion. The great successes of both the boys and girls teams are due to not only all the dedicated runners but also entire other groups of athletes who compete in events that go unnoticed, but can mean the difference between winning and losing.

When people hear the word “track,” the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s all about running and that joining requires being an incredible runner, but that is not entirely the case.

Indoor Track and Field is a no-tryout team that has everything from running to jumping and even throwing events that all target different strengths in athletes. Each type of event requires different practices and workouts to improve the athletes in the best way possible for their events.

Runners tend to run for practice because that is what they need to improve and compete in, but other events, such as jumping, have to practice over and over to perfect their technique and form when they jump in order to go higher or farther against the competition. Throwers tend to gravitate more towards building muscle and weight training in order to grow stronger as well as practice technique to throw as far as they can.

Meets during the season take place at 200-meter indoor tracks, unlike the 400-meter outdoor tracks. Although the meets and teams tend to be smaller during the indoor season due to the very limited amount of indoor tracks available in the Connecticut, it is a great sport for athletes who do not normally participate in a winter sport and would like to, as well as for students looking to join a sport for the first time.

Below is a compiled list of all Indoor Track and Field events:



55 Meter Dash

55 Meter Hurdles

300 Meter Dash

600 Meter Dash

Distance Running:

1000 Meter Run

1600 Meter Run

3200 Meter Run



4×200 Meter Relay

4×400 Meter Relay

4×800 Meter Relay

1600 Sprint Medley




High Jump

Pole Vault

Long Jump


Shot Put


Track and Field, both Indoor and Outdoor, are two of Woodland’s most successful sports programs and look to continually grow every year through new and returning members. The team works together as a whole to compete for points in their individual events which accumulate into a team score. This brings the athletes together because at meets everyone is supporting and cheering for each other no matter what event they are competing in.


Indoor Track Captains