Scrunchies – A Blast From the Past

Scrunchies can be seen practically everywhere whether it is on somebody’s wrist, or in their hair. This hair accessory comes in a large variety of styles and prints, but not many people know the history behind the popular trend that has recently made a huge comeback.

I tend to describe scrunchies as “retro” or “vintage” because my mom used to wear them when she was my age. They were the preferred accessory back when she was in high school and she and her friends used to even make their own using fabric and elastic.

According to, the scrunchie was invented by Rommy Revson in 1987. Celebrities throughout the decades have also chosen this hair accessory not only for its functionality but also for its style (Aysen).

Many different trends from past decades have made comebacks in our culture such as mom jeans and crop tops, but the most popular trend I have seen make a comeback recently are scrunchies.

Kylie Leonard, a sophomore, is a known scrunchie fanatic by Woodland students. She can be seen sporting them everyday around school. Leonard owns around thirty scrunchies, but her collection is still growing.

“My hair is super thick so my hair gets stuck with other hair ties. With scrunchies it doesn’t get stuck, plus, they’re cute and come in so many different patterns and styles.”

Leonard prefers scrunchies not only for their functionality, but also because she can be creative with them, and use them as a form of expression and style.

To further my research, I decided to go out and buy myself some scrunchies to see what the big deal was about. I chose to purchase two velvet fabric scrunchies, one black and the other pink, to see how often I would wear the different colors.

A single scrunchie tends to cost around the same as a pack of hair elastics, so I also wanted to see if this was a worthy investment considering how many hair elastics I lose or snap in a week.

After a few weeks of consistently wearing them I can say that they have become a part of my daily attire, as well as my preferred hair accessory. My hair, like Leonard’s, is very thick, so using a scrunchie allowed me to wear my hair up without struggling to take it out like I have in the past with other hair ties.

The scrunchies I purchased were also a worthy investment because I always know where they are and rarely misplace them. I normally lose several hair ties in a week and purchasing a new pack every week is not in my budget.

Although I ended up wearing the black one more often due to its ability to match with practically anything, I found myself wearing the pink one several times, especially when my outfit needed a little pop of color.

If you are looking to add a functional accessory to your daily outfits or struggle with finding a hair tie that works for you, I highly suggest investing in a scrunchie or two.