Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas: Rudolph Re-imagined

There was once a reindeer named Rudolph that stuck out from the other reindeer. Rudolph had a glowing red nose, and was often made fun of by the others. Ironically enough, Rudolph was chosen out of all the reindeer to lead Santa Claus’s sleigh. Sound familiar? Of course it does, that is the story of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, one known by children around the world. Everyone knows the story of Rudolph, but why should the story end there?

The people of Woodland Regional High School have a plan in mind for Rudolph. Senior, Albert Pangrac, sees Rudplh losing his nose in his sequel. After he loses his nose, one morning every reindeer wakes up with Rudolph’s nose, besides Rudolph.

While Pangrac pictures Rudolph losing his nose in the sequel, P.E. teacher Joe Fortier sees Rudolph’s legacy being carried on by a child.

“Rudolph has a son, and his son also has a red nose, and goes through the same type of situations that Rudolph did,” Fortier predicts.

Mrs. Seagren on the other hand, had the opposite in mind. She sees Rudolph getting married and having a lot of children that all have red noses, except for one.

Senior, Zach Cochran, would like to see Rudolph go on a solo mission in the sequel. Unfortunately, in Cochran’s story Santa Claus is no longer able to deliver presents on his own, and Rudolph must take on the task on his own.

Senior, Justin Marks, has an unexpected take on the story. In Mark’s story, “Rudolph and Santa Claus get married and the grinch becomes the real Santa Claus. The abominable snowman becomes all the reindeers friends, and they made another whoville and lived happily ever after.”

Whether Rudolph ends up having a son with a red nose, or marrying Santa Claus, no one will ever know.