Sean Lewis

“Keep at it. Keep being a connected community. As I said about students, the faces change, the names change, but you know, just keep doing what you’re doing. Yesterday, when I saw band for the last time, I told them it doesn’t matter what they’re doing, just to keep with it. The person on the podium, yes, has an impact on what you do, but the one common bond for all of us is music. So don’t stop creating, don’t stop playing music, listening to it, interacting with it. And, you know, the fact that everybody in the room… we could go five years without seeing each other and somehow end up still being able to bond through music at some point, at some music festival, or community group, or musical theatre.Whatever it might be, that common bond through the arts and through music. That is the most important thing, day to day. You know… just don’t stop.”

– Sean Lewis