Woodland Volleyball’s Annual Color Wars

On Wednesday, September 19, 2018, the Woodland Volleyball team held their annual practice color wars. Below are some pictures of the team wearing their assigned colors with pride.



Pictured(from left to right): Rachel Poulos, Layne Cronin, Alyssa Lukeski, Sydnie Overby, Lexie Chabot, Steph Krebbs, Xiu Xiu Sammis-McCoy, Alanna Drmic, Fatima Khalid, Liz Triana.


Pictured(from left to right): Sylvia Lemanski, Isabella Fabrizi, Mary Pelkey, Katie Sirowich, Jenna Palmieri.



Pictured(from left to right): May Dawes, Joanna Emin, Elayna Beutel, Sydney Harrison, Allyson Koliani, Megan Luxeder.



Pictured(from left to right): Chelsea Donovan, Rebecca Swift, Riley Kane, Amber Rosato, Gabby Mastropietro, Ella McKay, Ally Lisowski, Kylie Bulinski, Cassidy Doiron, Morgan Marchant, Rory Nolan, Brooke Johnson.


Some Upcoming Dates for the Woodland Volleyball Team:

Friday, September 21: away game at Crosby

Tuesday, September 25: home game against Seymour

Thursday, September 27: away game at St. Paul

Friday, September 28: home game against Naugatuck