Moscariello Brings Best Buddies Prom

Students start their senior year looking forward to several events. Their graduation, senior projects, and prom. For Veronica Moscariello, the last two occured on the same night.


Moscariello, who has been a member of Best Buddies since her freshman year, earned the title of president as she rejoined the club for her fourth and final school year. With this title, she was passed down the responsibility of planning the annual Best Buddies prom with assistance from her mentor, Tiffany Vitone. Moscariello wanted the night to be amazing and with that she did feel “a lot of pressure at some points” which of course, paid off. The end result was more than rewarding.


On Friday, April 27, most students dragged through the 6 hours of school, anticipating the weekend. But members of Best Buddies awaited a special night: Prom.


At around 4:30, Moscariello, Matt Degeorge, Sheila Brennen, Shea Rodorigo, Josh Favreau, Jake Copes, and Justin Garafano started working to transform the cafeteria we eat in every day, into a dance floor. Gone was the fluorescent lit cafeteria we eat in every day, the room was now adorned with balloons, black and gold streamers, festive tablecloths, and a photo booth. Two hours later, the prom venue was ready.


In good fashion and spirit, students arrived at the school. They entered the cafeteria to dance, take fun pictures, and have a good time with friends. Even after singing at the top of their lungs, laughing until their stomachs hurt, and eating a good meal, the night was still not over. Just down the hall in the gym, Best Buddies had bounce houses, basketball hoops, and volleyball nets waiting for their guests. Could you think of a better after-prom?

Although setting up the food, after-prom, and conversing with guests and their parents was only a myriad of the tasks Moscariello had to check off her “checklist” that night, she enjoyed herself.

She was excited she was able to bring back after prom since “everyone seemed to enjoy it a couple years ago”. Moscariello’s favorite part of the night?


Knowing that people enjoyed themselves.


Knowing what she had created was a success. That “meant the world” to her.

Moscariello is sad to graduate from school and Best Buddies, but she is extremely happy to leave on a good note.


“Having my senior project be about Best Buddies was the best thing I could’ve done.” Moscariello reflects. “It was so much more rewarding that it could’ve been with someone else.”