Feature:: Joe Kmetz

Many teens become committed to a sport at the beginning of their high school journey. In this process they make a second family from spending so much time with those teammates. From spending those rough times of running laps when your team misbehaves to celebrating with a team after a big win.That family type bond is irreplaceable to these teens, but also the joy of just simply playing the sport can be heartbreaking if it’s taken away. For Joe Kmetz that was the unfortunate case for awhile.

While most would know Joe Kmetz as one of your senior football captains leading The Hawks this football season, there’s more to Joe’s story than most know. During Joe’s sophomore season, Kmetz had suffered a serious concussion against the Wolcott Eagles.

Kmetz was pulled aside and asked a variety of questions, he can only remember the questions but none of his answers.That’s how serious the concussion was, Kmetz was then forced to miss his entire junior season because the doctors felt it wasn’t safe for Kmetz to continue to play.

“I was crushed, my entire life was football from preschool when I was playing flag football to all the way until I was playing football at woodland and now that I didn’t have it anymore i was crushed , I didn’t know what to do my junior year” Kmetz said.

Last summer Joe received unbelievable news. Kmetz met with his doctors and told him that he could play once again, Joe immediately jumped at the offer to rejoin his football family. And led his the football team for his final senior season as a hawk as a captain for Woodland.