Kyle Crowell to Compete in USA Cycling Amateur Road National Championship

What comes to your mind when someone says the word “championship?” Many might picture school sports like soccer, football, etc. For freshman Kyle Crowell, this is not the case.

This July, Crowell will be going to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the USA Cycling Amateur Road National Championships. However, Crowell isn’t going into this without prior experience. Crowell has been a competitive cyclist for two years, since age 13. He races mostly in 13-15 age groups, but in other races, in the 9-18 age division. He has been to approximately 30 races throughout his career, taking four first places and placing in the top three in 15 of his races.


“I realized I was into biking from going to my dad’s races at age ten,” Crowell says, Then I starting my road bike training at age 12.

Although Crowell has only been a competitive cyclist for two years, he has been on a bike for a while. He started off with BMX racing and motocross before he found his niche in cycling.

To Kyle’s dad, it’s not only his background as a cyclist, but other things that have helped him with cycling.

Chris Crowell, Kyle’s father, says, “He has always been physically fit with good balance and good hand eye coordination.”


Going to the race doesn’t just mean a lot to his dad, but to Kyle too.

K Crowell says, “It means a lot because I’m only one of 60 who qualified so it’s a huge deal to me.”

His father knew K Crowell had it in him, and that he knew he’d make it this far, but had no expectation it would happen this this fast.

K Crowell expects this 40-70 mile race to be “huge.” However, he is prepared. By biking five days a week, and some weeks up to 200 miles, K Crowell is perfectly fit to race and is ready to compete in the competition he worked so hard for.