Highly Anticipated High School Musical 4 Said to Choose New Cast

Dreams came true when it was announced that there will be a High School Musical 4 coming soon, but some of these same dreams were also crushed when fans found out that the original cast would not be apart of this movie.

A nation wide casting search began for this Disney Channel Original movie. The new movie will continue with the the story of the first three High School Musical movies. This time, however, they will be introducing new East High Wildcats, and their rivals, the West High Knights.

Jeffrey Hornaday, director of Disney Channel Original movie Geek Charming, Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2, was announced as the director and choreographer of this new movie.

Dan Berendsen, creator/executive producer of Freeforms Baby Daddy, writer of the Disney Channel movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie and Disney Channel’s Teen Beach 2 and Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie, will assist in the writing of the screenplay.

The three High School Musical movies were a huge success. The first movie was the most watched movie of that year, 2006, reaching 7.7 million total viewers until August when The Cheetah Girls 2 got 8.1 millions views. The second of the three movies reached a total of 17.2 million viewers, almost 10 million more than the first movie. This movie became the highest-rated Disney Channel movie of all time. The last of the High School Musical trilogy, released in 2008, was High School Musical: Senior Year. This movie took the success of the trilogy to a whole new level- it was released in theaters.


In the first three days of the movies release, it grossed 50 million dollars in the North America alone and 40 million overseas. This then set a new record for the largest opening weekend for a musical film.

There’s no doubt that the High School Musical Trilogy was a huge success but critics question whether a fourth movie can live up to a certain standard expected by viewers.  

The question now is, will this new movie be a good “start to something new,” or is it time “to go our own way?”