Woodland Fights Back Against Cancer

As of now, many of students and faculty of Woodland Regional High School are or have been affected by cancer, either through their families or themselves personally. Because of how close this disease hits, Woodland has taken up arms in the fight against cancer through many of our senior projects and student government.

The closest upcoming event is being held by student government, called “Do It for Dasilva.” Justin Dasilva is a freshman here at Woodland who was diagnosed with ewing’s sarcoma. His cancer has relapsed, and therefore is returning for cancer treatment. The event is a 5K run or two mile walk, held on April 10th, which will help to alleviate some of the costs for his treatment.

The next project coming up is the “Sarcoma We’re Comin’ for Ya” dodgeball tournament. The event is being held by Franc Kolami on March 18th as his senior project. The project aims to raise money and awareness about all forms of sarcoma-related cancers by hosting a dodgeball elimination tournament.

Later in the year, Woodland will be hosting its very first Relay for Life event, thanks to Nicholas Lucas’ senior project. Woodland’s relay will be held on Saturday, May 21st, from 3:00 pm to midnight. The Relay aims to raise awareness across the world to raise much needed funds to work towards a cure for cancer.

WRHS is ready to step up to the plate and join in the global uprising against cancer with these, and hopefully more, cancer awareness events.