Alternative Schedule for March 2nd

On March 2, 2016 Woodland Regional High School will be having a special half day due to testing for the Sophomores and Juniors. While the Freshmen and Seniors do not have tests, they have special plans instead of classes. The day will start regular time at 7:35 a.m. and will finish at 12:00 p.m.

The Freshman class will be watching the Odyssey, as these students have been reading the Odyssey in Freshman English. Watching the movie is part of their curriculum for the year, so the movie will be paired with questions. At 7:30, the bell will ring and the Freshmen will report to a previously assigned room on the first floor, where they will pick up the question sheet and then travel to the Auditorium for the movie. This movie, which is about three hours long will be the only required work for the students this day.

The Sophomore class will be taking the CAPT (Connecticut Academic State Performance) Test for Science. While this will not take the whole day, the class will also watch a scientific documentary on the Galapagos Island, and if time remains, will be given the rest of the day as a study. Because there is a likelihood that the Sophomore schedule will have a remaining half-hour, it is recommended that the Sophomores bring homework for this additional time. After the bell in the morning, sophomores will report to their assigned room. Since testing is first, sophomores are asked to take extra care to make sure to be on time.

The Junior class will report in the morning to an assigned room and should make sure to be on time. They should come prepared will pencils and a calculator, but pencils will also be in each testing room. Students can also bring a water bottle for testing breaks. The Juniors will be taking the SAT, which will take the full day.

Since the Seniors do not have a required test or piece of their curriculum, multiple workshops have been set up for the class. First, the students will participate in a Scholarship Workshop, where they will learn more about scholarships and even start the Woodland Scholarship Program. This program is designed so that seniors can fill out one application to over fifty local scholarships, which awarded the seniors in Class of 2015 almost $60,000. The students can also work on other scholarships, which is helpful as many of the previous seniors felt they were not given enough time to complete these applications. From there, the seniors will get another workshop on Career Skills. Then, Mary Vlamis, Student Body President, will be finishing their learning with her senior project of Registering to Vote, where representatives from both Beacon Falls and Prospect will come and register legal seniors. With left over time, the seniors will get to play a dodgeball tournament in the Gymnasium.