Woodland Student Body Comes Together to Support Olivia Kalentek

Olivia Kalentek, Woodland senior and beloved classmate, is a member of multiple clubs like Woodland Worldwide, The Drama Club, and The Leo’s Club. Kalentek has been a driving force behind a lot of what goes on in Woodland. But, lately, Woodland has been missing her energy due to treatments and hospital visits.

Olivia has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

Julia Lavernoich, one of Olivia’s’ closest friends, started the chain of support with a simple video she put together to send Olivia. She recorded friends, family and clubs she is apart of like the Drama Club and Woodland Worldwide.  After hearing about a fellow hawk in need, the Drama Club, Woodland Worldwide and the senior class made cards and took pictures to send to Olivia to let her know they love and support her.

All of these were great ways to help Olivia, but since then, Woodland has stepped up its game. All the proceeds of the winter door decorating contest, run by Michele Papa’s advisory, went to Yale where Olivia is seeking treatment.

Maybe you never got to send her a card or contribute to the door decorating contest, but thanks to The Leo’s Club and DECA you have an opportunity to show your support.

“Liv is a classmate who even though you may not be friends with her, she can make you happy,” said DECA member Sonia Sousa.

So, shortly after Liv got diagnosed, the Leo’s Club approached DECA and asked if they would be willing to sell the bracelets to the student body .

“Even though DECA isn’t making a profit off of the bracelets, we feel it is a good cause and suggest everyone buys a bracelet,” said Sousa.

When times are hard for a fellow hawk, you can count on Woodland to come together to help out. Now it’s your turn. For just $1 you can buy a #TeamLiv bracelet at DECA to support Olivia Kalentek. Let’s all get on Team Liv, and win this fight against lymphoma.