Emoji Characterizes the Realization of Being in a Broken Marriage

Kim Kardashian, once again, broke the internet with the launch of her new app, a keyboard endowed with 250+ little characters that her fans can use in texts, tweets, or captions to express themselves.

The app is fittingly named “Kimoji.”

The tiny character below is one of the characters available for use.


This drawing, approved by Kim, has become a fun, little cog in the machine that is the Kardashian enterprise.

To those who regularly “keep up with the Kardashians,” the image is instantly recognizable- it is a cartoonized version of Kim’s famous crying face.

(thank you, www.apolene.com, for this beautiful shot)

kim k

The screenshot above, the one the Kimoji is modeled after, was taken from an episode of Kim & Kourtney Take New York.

Kim & Kourtney Take New York , a reality series that had a twenty episode stint on E! ( from January 2011- January 2012), was intended to be an entertaining look into the lives of sisters Kim and Kourtney and the management of  their DASH store in New York.

Perhaps the plan was that the relationship between Kim Kardashian and her new husband, Kris Humphries, would be a bright spot of the show, the pair playing the roles of the stereotypical, deliriously happy newlyweds.

Plans don’t always work out.

The cracks in the foundation of the relationship between Humphries and Kardashian soon became evident (which is weird because you would think, after a 90-day engagement, the pair would be rock solid).

There was undeniable tension in the marriage and Kim had allegedly been mulling over the prospect of divorcing him for some time.

Held back by the shame and backlash she would surely face for terminating a marriage so shortly after such an exuberant wedding, Kim struggled with this decision silently.

During this odd, contemplative time, Kim and her older sister met with a psychic, John Edwards. The meeting was planned in the hopes that Edwards would deliver a message from their late father, Robert Kardashian.

The episode in which this event transpired is spookily dubbed, Voices from Beyond.

During the meeting, Edwards relayed a message to Kim that resonated with her strongly. The message was about her needing to remember the advice her father gave her after her first failed marriage (to music producer Damon Thomas), advice about learning from the experience.

After this eerie encounter, Kim was certain that she needed to take action.

Later, while the duo was getting ready in their robes, Kim made the hard confession to her sister: she had to divorce Kris.

The confession, understandably, provoked an abundance of emotion from the young reality television starlet. Overcome with frustration, guilt, confusion, and despair, Mrs. Humphries (soon to return to Miss Kardashian) became tearful.

In the midst of a situation she could not see an end to, she made an ugly crying face, which would years later become THE ugly crying face.

Since that tearful confession, her face has been meme-ized and cartoon-ized. Now, for the price of $1.99, you, too, can buy and use the expression of realizing you are in a broken marriage.