Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Finding a costume to wear for Halloween may be one of the most difficult things to do. And trying to find a Halloween costume last minute can cause even more stress.

Luckily, there are some simple and creative ways to still create a costume with only the use of makeup. Whether you are a makeup expert or just need a quick and easy solution to not having a full Halloween costume, these are some last minute Halloween makeup ideas created by us.


(Makeup by Lindsey Gabianelli and Sabina Kica)

     1. Cat:

This look is one of the easiest to create. To start, cover the tip of the nose with black eyeliner and make a line from the bottom of the nose to the the start of the lips. Then, place several freckled dots on either side above the lip. From these dots, draw long lines extending away from the nose. Cover the lips in a red lipstick and finish the look with a cat eye using black liquid eyeliner. Follow these simple steps and you will be the best dressed this Halloween.

By Katie Minutillo


(Makeup by Sabina Kica)

2. Skeleton:

This spooky face-paint may look difficult, but it is actually very simple. Start by using black eyeliner to darken around the eyes and extend lines curving upward from both corners of the eyes. Darken the nose with eyeliner as well, leaving a small line clear in the center. Draw a line extending away from both corners of the mouth. Then, make U-shaped curves above and below the line. Finally, cover the face in light white powder. Be careful not to make the face too white.

By Katie Minutillo



   3. Scarecrow:

(Makeup by Lindsey Gabianelli)

To create this look, extend black lines from both ends of the mouth. Below the eyes, use black eyeliner to trace triangle shapes down the face; color them in. Outline the front of the nose and fill with orange face paint. Next, make blush sized circles on the cheeks with orange face paint.


(Makeup by Maria Teixeira)

4. Doll:

The creepy doll look is something that is cute yet creepy at the same time. For this look you want to start off with a white cream as the base to look very pale. You want to apply this all over your face. Next, apply brown eye shadow and eyeliner on the eyes. After this you will take the white cream again and put this under the eye to make the eyes look larger than they are. Use liquid eyeliner to draw fake lashes on the bottom . Make the lips smaller with an eyeliner tracing and fill in with red lipstick. Extend two lines from the corners of the mouth and cover the lip color with white powder. 

By Maria Teixeira


(Makeup by Julia Swiatek)

   5. Deer:

Apply eyeliner around the eye and about an inch under each eye draw a curved line getting gradually thinner. Connect the lower line to the inside of the eye by drawing a line down. Apply white makeup cream between the eye and the line and also in the nose. To create a deer nose, fill in the tip of the nose with eyeliner and then draw two lines from the filled part to each eyebrow. Also draw two lines coming down from the nose to the lips and then trace the outline of the upper lip. Using a large makeup brush, shade the rest of the face using a light brown makeup. Using a darker brown eyeshadow, contour the cheeks and add darker shading next to the outer lines of the nose. Using the white makeup cream, draw white dots on the cheeks of the ‘deer’.


DSC_0159 mermaid makeup DSC_0163

(Makeup by Caitlyn Martin)

     6. Mermaid:

For this scaly look, begin by using a thin flatter netting and hold it tightly over the face. Use the eye shadow color of your choice and use a makeup brush or sponge to dab eye shadow over the whole face. Be careful not to rub the makeup sponge or the netting will move and mess up the pattern. Start with a white powder and layer on darker after. Use a darker color for the cheeks and brush it along the cheekbone.

By Caitlyn Martin


(Makeup by Julia Caruso)

     7. Vampire

If you are looking for a scary makeup idea then the vampire look is the one for you. The Halloween vampire makeup consists of colors like red, white and black. Vampires show themselves as sleek and sophisticated so you want to try to get this look as clean cut as you can. First off, start with the face. Vampires are very pale. You don’t want to show any color so do not use any blush on the face. For this, we just used white powder and put it all over my face until I was completely pale. Next, we did the lips. The lips of a vampire are usually red so we used a red lipstick to make them look bloodstained and then added the red blood stains down the chin and then on the side of the neck. You want to make these look like tear droplets. Finally, we did the eyes. Vampire eyes are supposed to look tired, dark and drained. We used a dark eye shadow around the eyelids and under the eyes to make it look like i had very heavy and dark bags under my eyes, as if I hadn’t slept in a while. Now you are done with you Halloween makeup vampire look.  And now you have a scary and creative look just in time for Halloween night.

By Krista DeTulio