Maintaining the Privilege of Senior Halloween Dress Up

Dressing up for Halloween is a senior privilege that most seniors look forward to from the time they were freshman. Many spend months with their friends trying to devise the perfect costume combination that will win the annual contest.  However, with this privilege comes rules and responsibilities that all senior wishing to dress up must follow. There aren’t many rules, but the rules are set to keep the student body safe and ensure that they can have fun while being and dressing respectfully.


General Rules for dressing up are:

  • No masks during the day, however you are allowed to bring them and wear them during the contest
  • Face-paint is allowed as long as the person can still be identified.
  • No weapons will be tolerated during any time of the day.
  • Costumes are not allowed to show references to drug, violence, or anything that is not considered appropriate for school.
  • All costumes must follow dress code


If the costume you wear is deemed inappropriate by any administrator it may result in loss of privilege.  A general rule of thumb over whether or not a costume is appropriate is: If you have to ask if you are allowed, you are not allowed. Mr.Ogren and administration strongly urge that students follow the Get Real campaign from a couple of years ago, urging women and girls to “get real” by choosing costumes that are not meant to objectify them. Mr.Ogren will also send a list to all of the senior advisories once Halloween comes closer.