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New Prospect Elementary School

Usually, your traditional elementary school contains grades Pre-K through fifth grade.

But, in Prospect, there are two elementary schools. Algonquin, the older of the two schools, has grades Pre-K through third, and Community has grades four and five.

But, instead of the students transitioning from one school to the other in the middle of their elementary years, soon they will be going to the brand new elementary school, which was just completed.

The school will be opening up in the fall, so newcomers will be entering a new atmosphere. This new school will be grades PreK-fifth. During 2011, they decided that it was going to be final that a new school was going to be built for the kids.

“Algonquin and Community [schools] are old, and are not appropriate anymore for the level of education being taught,” said superintendent, Michael Yamin.

Yamin explained that if they were to restore the two old schools, it would be much less cost efficient and it would make more sense to build a new elementary school. There were issues with the facilities at the old schools and various other problems, so the region really did need a new school.

According to Yamin, it took about a year and a half to build the school. Nothing major went wrong in the process, and they are very happy with the final product. There will be a ribbon cutting to signify the opening of the new school, and there was an open house on held on Saturday, May 30. It was held from ten in the morning to one in the afternoon on 75 New Haven Road, Prospect, CT.

Many are excited about the new elementary school, and it will hopefully be a great experience for all the students who will be attending in the fall.

Carly Erickson

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