Day of The Dead:Photos

Story: Olivia Delmonico

On May 15, Student Government held its annual Day of the Dead. This is a day dedicated to the prevention of drunk driving, specifically on prom night. During the time of an average school day, sixteen people “died” in an accident caused by drunk driving.

To mimic this, one member of Student Government walked throughout the school dressed as the grim reaper, periodically pulling other members out of class. A bell toll played over the loudspeaker every time a person “died.” Students pulled out of class then had their faces painted white, given a sign with their date/time of “death,” and may not speak for the rest of the school day.
That afternoon during last block, a reenactment of a horrendous crash was held on the soccer field. Jamie DiZazzio, Woodland senior, organized the mock crash for her senior project.  Students watched in horror as members of the drama department lay “dead” in cars, or brutally injured. Firetrucks, police cars, ambulances, and a hearse raced onto the scene. The scene felt incredibly real to all the students and taught them an important lesson.

Jon Scirpo, junior, shares his thoughts on the reenactment, “The whole thing really opened my eyes, and it taught students that one mistake could change everything.”
This annual tradition is meant to spread awareness about drunk driving, and to hopefully sway students from making the wrong decision on prom night. While the majority of students are aware of the effects of drunk driving, this event helps to reiterate how close to home these accidents can be.

“I think that this is a very powerful event,” says Student Government advisor, Christopher Tomlin. “Not only does it discourage students from drinking and driving on prom night, but it encourages them to be safe all year round.”


Photo Credit: Katie Minutillo and Adrianne Yacavone

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