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Woodland’s Reaction to Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction


As Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr social media sites were refreshed on Wednesday March, 25, 2015, One Direction fans were crushed by the saddening news being seen all over the internet. Zayn Malik, 22, has decided to leave the band.

“I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight,” said Malik on One Direction’s Facebook page. Fans all over the world have been non-stop posting pictures of Zayn crying at his last concert, and photos of the rest of the band members also crying, the night after Zayn left.

“I will miss the whole band being together, and I’m devastated, but I can’t do anything about it,” says  Directioner Lauren Fowler.

One Direction will continue on tour and with the making of their soon to be new album. Malik did leave in the middle of One Direction’s current tour, On The Road Again, which some fans found unprofessional, and others found it saddening, and others just did not care.

“I feel like if he doesn’t think he can go on anymore, and he thinks it would negatively affect his life,” said Zach Bennard.  “[Zayn] should make his own decision, and do what is best for him.”

Of course, Malik is famous for his legendary high notes, and the question is, who will take them over. Some believe that Liamm Payne will take over the high notes.

“No one, it’s that one voice,” noted 1D fan Maria Teixeira. “No one can do the high note like he did.”

In the end, though, most fans just want Malik to be happy, even if it means leaving the band. Zayn Malik will always have that legacy he left behind for everyone.

Carly Erickson

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