Run for a Revolution: Who’s Your Hero(ine)?: PHOTOS

Photo Credit: Adrianne Yacavone and Julia Caruso

Who is your hero? Do they inspire you? Push you to do your best? Love you unconditionally? A hero can be anyone or anything, and on Sunday, October 12th, hundreds of people saluted their real-life heroes by honoring them through the Run for a Revolution.

The morning started early as members of Woodland for Women Worldwide scattered orange and white balloons throughout the right side of the building. Starbucks coffee was served and the racers began to arrive. Tammy Dragon of Live, Love, Dance, provided an up-beat Zumba class to get the runners excited and stretched.

The participants suited up in bright orange capes and were waiting at the starting line by 10:00 am. They were given the option to run a three-point-two mile race or walk two miles. Several contestants took up the challenge and racers were coming in with times as low as twenty minutes.

When the last hero had raced across the finish line, drinks and snacks such as Ami’s bagels and yogurt were provided and awards were given out. Pictures were taken of each team that honored a hero(ine), including the Jack Walsh, Nigel, and several others, infront of the Who’s You’re Hero(ine) banner that was later signed by each contestant.

The Run for a Revolution is an inspiring and enjoyable experience for all ages and will continue to give the community an opportunity to honor their hero(ine).