Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a place you could go to get answers to all the hard questions in life?

A place where you could take a simple quiz that would tell you how stereotypical white girl you are? Or one that tells you how annoying you really are on Facebook?

What if at that same place you could find out the day’s top stories from across the globe or find side splitting-ly funny reports about information that is useless and life changing at the same time?

Well prepare yourself media junkies, this place exists, on a website called Buzzfeed.

According to their website, Buzzfeed is “the social news and entertainment company.”

The company was founded in 2006 in a research lab. The founder of the company, began the company as an experiment to study viral content on the web. His founding team tracked viral content from across the web and then shared the already popular links through Buzzfeed. Overtime, Buzzfeed evolved into a network that created this viral content.

2011 was when the world began to notice Buzzfeed.

Originally, the site was known for its humorous collection of lists, quizzes and the occasional animal video. Over time however, it has evolved to include serious journalist stories-like updates on airplanes going MIA-alongside stories that the made the site famous, like ones entitled “The 101 Most Insane Things that Have Ever Happened in Florida.”

Their goal is to provide stories that people not only want to read, but stories that people want to share with others.
This goal is not an unusual one. Websites generally want the content they put on it to be seen by as many people as possible.

But Buzzfeed has gone about achieving this goal in a whole new way. The media they create targets all different types of readers. Instead of just publishing pieces that will appeal to a majority of readers, they publish content that will appeal to the minority as well.

Not only that but readers can personalize their feed, so the stories that come up when they log into their feed are specified to their personal interests.

And the 41 million Americans who visit the site each month prove that Buzzfeed’s strategies for attracting reader’s works.

“I really like Buzzfeed because its constantly updated,” said Woodland junior Aidan Music, “There are stories that cover almost everything going on in the world mixed with articles that are just interesting ways to waste time.”

Buzzfeed’s social based news has had a profound influence on the way people chose to view and consume their news. A younger generation has also become interested in reading the news because of nontraditional ways of reporting.

“I like being able to go to one site and read a variety of articles,” said senior Salma Shitia. “The stories on are written really well too, they are short and easy to understand.”

Bottom line: Download the Buzzfeed app. It will change your life, because its changing the world.