The ‘Master of Misperception’ to Visit Woodland

Community members of Woodland Regional High School will dive into their subconscious minds with Dr. Steve Taubman’s hypnotism, magic, and mind reading.

Dr. Steve Taubman, Master of Misperception in Hypnosis and Beyond, will visit Woodland on Friday, March 7th at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium. Tickets are being sold during lunch waves for ten dollars and will also be available for purchase for twelve dollars at the door on Friday. All proceeds will benefit the Best Buddies program here at Woodland.

The money generated from this event will help pay for the numerous events sponsored by Best Buddies. These events include hosting dances, going to a movie theater, and having a pizza party.

“Best Buddies encourages one to one friendships among students with disabilities and those without,” said George Myers, advisor of Best Buddies.

This event not only helps raise money, but is also a major event that will bring people together. Myers believes that many students in Best Buddies will also attend.

Myers has attended Woodland’s previous hypnotic shows in the past. After seeing several entertainers, however, Taubman stood out.

“The house was always packed and he puts on a much better show and is very entertaining,” said Myers.

Myers and Best Buddies aim to bring audience members together while providing an evening worth talking about.

“The crowd is going to laugh a lot and cry a lot; it will be a really enjoyable evening,” said Myers.