Moody Monday:: Studying for Finals

With the end of the school year just around the corner it feels like all students are in the home stretch. Classes slowly become less and less rigorous and students begin slacking off more than ever. However, there is one last thing students are dreading. Finals.

All year students learn material in order to take quizzes and tests, which help to keep their grades up. The last thing factoring into a student’s grade at the end of the year is final exams. As the weather becomes warmer and students are spending more time outside the last thing they want to be doing is studying.

Finals are cumulative and cover all of the important information students have learned over the course of the 180 school days. Although, some would consider studying for these important exams extremely important others figure there is really no point to studying.

Some students assumed that if they have not learned the information throughout the course of the school year than it is unlikely that they will be able to teach it themselves they material in the weeks leading up to the final. Studying for finals does not ensure that a good grade will be received, but most teachers would agree that studying is a good idea.

Some of the most important things to remember about studying however include NOT studying the night before the exam, not trying to cram everything into one night of studying, and do not study answers from other people simply because they may be incorrect.

When studying it is important that you ensure all of the information you are studying is correct. If you study the wrong information it will end up hurting you on the test rather than helping and would defeat the purpose.

Some of the most popular ways high school choose to study for tests include creating flashcards, rewriting notes, and doing practice problems/equations in order to sharpen skills.

For some students finals are the most important test of the year as they determine whether or not they will pass or fail a particular class.

In order to boost your final grade some of the best ways to study include-

  1. Creating a study schedule
  2. Rewrite your notes so they become committed to memory
  3. Don’t study when you are tired
  4.  Don’t cram before the exam
  5. When studying different subjects do not feel obligated to use all the same study techniques
  6.  Study in a peaceful environment where you are able to concentrate
  7. Study somewhere with lots of light
  8. Do not study with the TV on
  9. Take breaks when studying
  10. Review your notes
  11. Ask teachers for help!

Final exams can be stressful as they can make or break your final grade however, if you take time to study and ask for help the likelihood of receiving a good grade on your final exams will greatly increase.