Moody Monday:: The End of the School Year

With less than 40 days left in the 2012-2013 school years students seem to be becoming more anxious than ever. By this point many students have become lethargic and any amount of school work is too much.

From what I have heard senioritis (the feeling a senior gets usually during the second semester of their second year where they have no motivation to do work as they have already been accepted to college) is a real thing. From what I can see, this is true.

Not only are seniors struggling to make it through the rest of the year, but it appears all grades are finding it a bit difficult. While no one knows the feelings of the senior, unless of course you are a senior yourself, others seem to think they themselves have senioritis.

As the final days of the school year drag on it seems less students are arriving to school on time, if even arriving at all. And even when they do show up, homework is rarely turned in and the quality of any work that does get done is worse than it was at the start of the school year.

While the students seem to be lacking motivation, teachers never seem to get tired. As the school year drags on the amount of work seems to be piling up. From quizzes, to test, and projects, to AP exams the work load during the last two months appears to be never ending.

Although, students seem the last few months of school as a time to relax and get ready for summer teachers have a completely different mind set. During this time many teachers are in panic mode hoping to get everything in the curriculum taught before the end of the year. Especially AP teachers who are cramming to finish all of the material nearly six weeks before other classes and in time for the AP exams.

For the students taking these AP exams now seems like a time to slack off. With the exams coming up everyone is panicking to review and remember as much information as possible. And after the exams are done within the next 3 weeks, AP students are already preparing to shut off their brains.

As the days drag on, each seeming longer than the previous, many students are no longer feeling motivated to do well. Within the next weeks the weather will be getting warmer and sitting inside of the classroom on a beautiful day is not enjoyable for anyone.

Even if the last forty days of school seem like the longest, just remember you have already made it through one-hundred and forty and unless you are a senior, what lies ahead is a summer full of packets and preparation for the next school year.