Moody Monday:: Midterm Exams

With only a week left until Midterm Exams many students are beginning to feel the stress. While in some classes review for the test has already began, a majority of classes are still learning new material. Even if all the material has not been reviewed in class, it may still appear on the midterm.

Prior to testing week teachers from each department come together to create a midterm exam. Whether or not each class covers all of the material does not matter. Regardless, each class is still tested on the material they were supposed to learn rather than what they did learn.

Many teachers work hard in order to help prepare their students for the exam. Midterms mark they midway point of a school year and may provide indication about whether or not a student will pass a class for the year. A midterm test grade stands as a single grade on a report card. It represents 10% of a students grade. Therefore, if a student had 90 in a class, yet failed their exam, their grade would drop roughly 10 points.

Even with teacher’s help, a student still holds most of the responsibility when it comes to the grade they earn on their exam. If a student is not willing to be in the time to study and refresh their memory on topics they know they are not comfortable with, it is likely they will not receive the grade they hoped they would.

In order to prepare for midterms there are many ways a student can help themselves earn the grade they are happy with. Some of these ways include:

1. Taking advantage of after school review sessions

-Many teachers hold after school sessions where they are willing to cover any material a student is uncertain of. And, even if a teacher does not have a scheduled session, many are willing to stay after if asked by one or a number of students. If it is not possible to get together with a teacher, it may be beneficial to organize a review session with other students. Reviewing material with other people allows for discussion and a variety of input, which could be beneficial on the exam.

2. Attend review classes

-Many students hear that a class will be reviewing and automatically think they are able to stay home that day. Do not do this! Many teachers give out exam questions, essay topics, and other information that will help on exam day.

3. Do not cram the night before 

-It is impossible for the human brain to remember all the information needed on an exam the night before the test. Try to study for a shorter amount of time each night rather than for a large number of hours the night before.

4. Do not be afraid to take a break 

-When studying it is easy to become overwhelmed. The best solution is to walk away from the material for about five minutes. Being stressed does not help when studying, it is better to be relaxed.

Although, midterms may be a stressful time there are ways to make it easier. By being organized, managing time, and preparing, midterm exams can be viewed as just another test. Except this time the grade on the top will be determined by a student’s own efforts.



Woodland Exam Schedule-
Block A and B – Tuesday, January 22
Block C and D – Wednesday, January 23
Block E and F – Thursday, January 24
Block G and H – Friday, January 25
The first exam of each day will begin at 7:35 a.m. and end at 9:05 a.m. The second exam of each day will begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at 11:00 a.m.