When A Stranger Calls

When A Stranger Calls is a harsh reality on how the 21st century has created a realm of technology that can be used against the human race.

   In the movie, a high school student is called by an “unknown” person who says, “Have you checked the children?”. The high school student is actually babysitting two children and gets harassed in a house far from a police station or help.

  After getting in contact with the police, they trace the call from the man and reveal that the phone call is actually coming from the same house that the babysitter is in. In this case, the babysitter is ultimately being helped and harmed from the phone at the same time.

   In law this is called second degree harassment until the man behind the phone reveals himself. In earlier times when you wanted to avoid harassment, you would only have to shut your door or notify the police.

   Now in the 21st century, bill collectors, students, criminals, and more can contact you from email or text. These advances in technology help the society yet make it more difficult to keep protected from harmful people.

  In one case last year, a woman, who will remain anonymous, was on myspace when she added a man who seemed like a normal kid. The kid claimed he was in band. He viewed her profile and was able to instant message her. When doing so at first he played off like he was an actual band member. Later in the conversation this 23 year old man started to get sexual with this 14 year old girl.

   She had been very scared but when turning to the police and the school found no help. The girl soon learned putting your contact information and adding anyone that you do not know can get you harassed and in some cases killed.

The internet and cell phones are popular pieces of technology in today’s society, but users have to be careful as to what information they release and how they act upon it.

Photo Credit:http://www.filmcritic.com/assets_c/2010/02/When-a-Stranger-Calls-(2006)-thumb-555xauto-26664.gif