Review :: Carrie Underwood Concert

Carrie Underwood, former underdog on American Idol, is now recognized for being on top of the charts. Underwood has managed to work her way from auditioning in front of three intimidating judges to hitting the stage with fans filling the seats.

Underwood is touring her debut album “Play On.” She recently performed at The Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT. Her powerful voice connected with the rest of the audience as well as myself. The concert was more than just an ordinary concert, it reminded me of a Broadway show.

The scene changed for every song to give the audience a feel of her emotions and a connection to the song.  Underwood  also used many intriguing props, the stage moved, it went up and down. Underwood also sang on a swing but  the part that caught everyone including me off guard was when she came out in a car and flew above the audience saying ” this is the new way to fly.”

Photos courtesy Michelle Hultgren

Everyone around me was having fun.  The lights were constantly changing colors while she was constantly changing outfits. Her outfits seemed to coincide with the song she was singing. One of my favorite outfit changes was her black dress, the blue lights made her dress look shimmery and glow, it was almost magical. Underwood made no mistake with her “I’m going to beat you up” look, this outfit of course was sang with the song “Before He Cheats.” She rocked her stiletto boots and black outfit just right.

Underwood brought her life to the stage, entertaining me in every way. Everyone was sporting the Carrie T- Shirts and glow sticks, singing, dancing, waving, and rocking to every song she sang. I’ve been to many concerts and I don’t think I have connected with the music as much, or heard a louder applause at the end.

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