Woodland Taking On The Flu

   Flu season is upon us and fortunately Woodland is taking protective measures against both forms of the flu. The generic flu and swine flu are both very contagious viruses.

   Woodland custodians have installed several hand sanitizing stations around the school. These sanitizing stations are preventative measures against the impending flu season.  John Serdy, head Woodland Custodian, said, “We have one by the main office, the library, and the nurses office.”

   There is also a floating unit that can be positioned around the school as needed. “The mobile one can be used up by the gym during a game, so if people need it they can use it,” Serdy said.

   Woodland is one of the last schools in the state to get the dispensers. One set of pumps have been installed but there is another wave to go.  

   Soap and water are promoted as being the best deterrents of the flu. You can also use hand sanitizers if you have no access to soap and water.

   “We use Simonize in our dispensers because it is a water based solution,” said Serdy. Alcohol based solutions evaporate more quickly than water based solutions.  “I work with my hands all day so I always have cracks in my hand, and I hate alcohol based sanitizers because it always stings,” stated Serdy.