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January 22, 2018


Spring Pep Rally Unites Students

Black and Gold! Go Hawks Go! Juniors and seniors at Woodland Regional High School will be dressing up in black and gold for the first spring pep rally since Woodland was opened in 2001. For several years, students have yearned to have a spring pep rally to celebrate the winter and spring sports and this

Grease The Musical

Go Grease Lightning! The hunks and gorgeous gals of Woodland Regional High School will soon be transforming themselves into the T-birds and Pink Ladies of Rydell High. The roles have been cast for the production of Grease and the Woodland Drama Club is working hard to put together this musical. Karlee Vogel, playing innocent Sandy

E-Cigarettes Outlawed In School

Electronic cigarettes, also known as “e-cigarettes”, are a craze among today’s teenagers. This device is a substitute for an actual cigarettes. E-cigarettes are not allowed in school because they are grouped among tobacco products. Although these devices may not be as harmful as traditional cigarettes, they still release nicotine. Woodland has a zero tolerance policy

Magas Moves In

The Woodland Boys’ Tennis team is heading into a new era–the Magas era. For the first time since 2011, Michael Magas, business teacher at Woodland, is wielding his racket to coach  these athletes for a shot at the title. Magas has previously coached the Girls’ Tennis team at Woodland and has also coached at Thomaston

Ready For Their Close-Up

For six years now, the Digital Media department has wanted a new video and audio recording studio. Now, they’re finally going to get it and teacher, Ralph Riello has big plans for their new work space. “The intention is for it to be a production studio,” said Riello. The studio will be used for classes

Hrenko Wins Chili Cook-off

At the faculty meeting on December 4th, four teachers from Woodland Regional High School participated in a chili cook-off. The teachers that participated were Brian Fell, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal, Megan Hatch, English teacher, Loren Luddy, Spanish teacher, and  Mary Hrenko, Math Teacher. Once the chili’s were created, other teachers tried each of the

A look inside:: The Miracle Worker

Drama, drama, drama. Woodland Regional High School’s renowned Drama Club is putting on their version of The Miracle Worker, a story about Helen Keller’s inspirational life. This award winning group has put on several productions since their start three years ago including Little Shop of Horrors, West Verona Story, and Once on This Island. But

Dress Code Dilemma at the High School

For twelve years Woodland students have been following a school dress code – for the most part. Region 16 has a dress code, however there is no specific dress code for Woodland. Every day, many students walk around school with violations of the Region 16 dress code. For example, open-toed shoes are listed as one

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