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January 22, 2018

Woodland Worldwide

Show Time!

The spotlight’s on you as you step out onto the stage. You can barely see, blinding lights shine in your eyes. You take a deep breath and hope you can remember the lyrics to the song you are performing. Next thing you know, you’re finished and everyone applauds as you walk off the stage. Woodland

Shred It!

Raising money for the Woodland Worldwide club takes on many forms from running a marathon, to selling t-shirts, to even ripping up paper. A Shred It event is a fundraiser that helps the community destroy their important documents by paying to have them all shredded. Successful or not, the Shred It event means a lot

Woodland Worldwide’s Cabaret Night

A captivating lineup of students and faculty will show off their talents on Saturday, February 1st in Woodland’s auditorium. Woodland Wordwide’s Cabaret Night will occur at 7 o’clock. Anyone is welcome to attend and it is not necessary to pay. There is however, a recommended donation of five dollars for children and ten dollars for

Woodland Worldwide Hosts Wicked Awesome Bash

For the second year in a row, Woodland Worldwide members along with their advisors gathered together from 5:30 to 10:00 to enjoy pizza and ice cream while having an enjoyable and productive time. On Friday November 1, Woodland Worldwide hosted a “Wicked Awesome Bash” in the Media Center of Woodland Regional High School. The goal

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