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January 23, 2018

Student Council

Pep Rally Controversy Explained

A petition was sent around during advisories asking for a November pep rally in order to recognize the fall sports during their seasons. In an effort to recognize these requests, extra time has been added to the School Wide Service Day in order to honor the fall sports teams and their successes. Below is a

Election Day: Rookies Move In, Seniors Move Out

2013-2014 Executive Cabinet Ayah Galal- Student Body President Jeff Lauck- Student Body Vice President Anna Boris- Treasury Secretary Zach Crowell- Communications Secretary Emma Sardinskas- Recording Secretary 2014-2015 Executive Cabinet Mary Vlamis- Student Body President Mary Buckley- Student Body Vice President Taylor Amore- Treasury Secretary Olivia Rua- Communications Secretary Noelle Guerrera- Recording Secretary This year Student

Student Council Members Being Recognized

Throughout the 2013-2014 school year, Student Council has hosted many different events that have worked to bring the school together. The events Student Council puts together such as the annual Homecoming Dance and Pep Rally as well as making cards for kids and blankets for the sick babies in the hospital all have meaning behind

WRSC Elections to be held

PRESS RELEASE from Woodland Regional Student Council Election Day for membership in Student Government will be held on Thursday, May 23rd. The polling station will be located in the vestibule outside the gym and will be open from 7:30 AM – 2 PM. All students who have previously registered to vote are invited to vote

Student Council Senate Update

  On Monday January 14th afterschool the Woodland Regional High School had a senate meeting. During this meeting the bill concerning a fundraiser for Camp Sunshine was passed. Camp Sunshine is a year round program in Maine that is for children with life threatening illnesses and their immediate family members. This camp costs nothing for

Student Council Update

On Friday Student Council collected their last of the books for the book drive. Last week gently used books were collected to be donated from good will. Patricia Schnepf’s advisory brought in the most books with 332 and will now receive a pizza party. Susan Patruno’s advisory got the second most with 256 books. Overall

Election Time and the Posters

The halls of Woodland have once again gone politico. Evidence of rivalries and platforms hang from stair rails and bathroom mirrors as hopeful challengers and resilient incumbents fight fir the coveted class officer positions.


Student Council members at Woodland have been busy planning events in order to make the 2011-2012 school year more enjoyable. Still have to pass the third reading- *Created the event “Clubbin’ at Woodland” *Made homecoming “candy land” themed *Established spirit week 2011 Appropriations were established for- *Spirit Week *Homecoming (DJ) *Homecoming (supplies) *Homecoming (court) *Clubbin’

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