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February 17, 2018

spirit week

Woodland Spirit Week

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s that time of year where all Woodland students come together and show their school pride. Woodland’s Spirit Week begins this Monday, so make sure to bring your school spirit. Monday, November 20th, will be Futuristic Day. Students may dress up as what they want to be when they

Wednesday Night Lights: PowderPuff 2016

In all sports, practice matters. And nowhere was that more apparent than the 2016 Woodland PowderPuff Classic. In a 28-0 rout, The Black Team, led by PowderPuff Champion coach, Chris Decker, demonstrated just how important practice is for a team. Led by impressive performances by Megen Sirowich, the ladies in black ran right through Coach

Pep Rally Photos 2016

Photos by Julia Caruso Story by Taylor Amore For the second year in a row, Pep Rally was a month after Spirit Week, but the spirit was still there. From the first event, the obstacle course, students were up on their feet cheering for their grade. Chants began in each set of bleachers and throughout

Freshmen Hallway Decorations Misunderstood

Flowered headbands and peace signs. Leg warmers and perms. Disco and bright colors. Leather jackets and fancy dresses. The students of Woodland Regional High School dressed to impress during Spirit Week on Wednesday, November 20th. Each class’s hallway was decorated by students to represent a different time period. The freshmen had the 60’s era, sophomores

VIDEO:: Significance of Spirit Week

Dressing up, Hallway Decorating, and Pep Rally are all activities Woodland students look forward to in November. While this year started off no different than in the past, things quickly began to change for the students as this special November week began. Each year Woodland’s Student Council hosts “Spirit Week”. A time when the student

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