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August 18, 2017


Featured:: David Uhl

  In the fourth quarter, just seconds to go, Woodland is down by a point. Senior captain David Uhl gains possession of the ball on a rebound and sprints down the court to find an opening. And he does. Taking advantage of the opening, Uhl bursts through the pocket and takes a shot before the

An Inside look at a Most Dangerous Job

   When a senior at Woodland picks their senior project, they are encouraged to pick something that they are interested in and want to do.    When Dr. Frank announced that this year we would have the opportunity to do an internship, I jumped at it.    For my senior project this year I am

Panoramic Senior Photo

   The senior’s took their final picture this afternoon.    The classic panoramic shot of the entire senior class was taken in the gym during todays advisory.    Mrs. Rydzick called all the seniors up to the gym during the beginning of the advisory so the shot could be taken.    Life Touch Studios, the

Girls Soccer Senior Night

As the crowd grew larger and music blasted in the background, the Woodland Girls Soccer team warmed up for their last home game of the season against Watertown. On Monday, October 18, Woodland seniors were recognized at their final home game for the girl’s soccer season, in an evening named “Senior Night”. Senior athletes: Captain

Girl’s Volleyball Senior Night

By Mary Sardinskas Seymour has always been Woodland volleyball’s biggest rival. This will probably never change, but this year Woodland gave them a run for their money. On Tuesday, October 5th, Woodland beat the previously undefeated Seymour, 3-0, an upset that got the Hawks pumped up about their season.    On senior night, Woodland was

Senior Year Should Go

By Paul Geary Now, I love me a good Spirit Shovel. I love Spirit Week, and the transformation of the hallways into foreign lands made of crepe and cardboard. I love the reliable tradition of Senior Night, and the prom. I love my Advisory. I love senior year. That’s why I propose getting rid of

Senior Year Should Stay

By Joelle Kilcourse Around May first, like many teachers, I develop Seniorosis – an illness which is the result of repeated and prolonged exposure to Senioritis. And yes, I do look forward to graduation because it means I will no longer have to hunt down late assignments for Seniors who missed class because they overslept

The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling

Woodland’s courtyard boomed with a strange noise this afternoon. The noise emanated from an odd-looking instrument, the bag pipe. It was played by senior, Colin Grommisch. Grommisch produced the strange noise by blowing into a pipe attached to a bladder of air which he squeezed to make the echoing tones. He comes from a family

Home Run Derby

Join Woodland Senior Lou Enama for his Senior Project, Home Run Derby. The event will be held on Saturday, April 24th at the Beacon Falls Recreation Complex. The Rec is located at 100 Pent Road. The Derby begins at 1 PM. To participate in the Home Run Derby, there is an entry fee of five

Breaking News: Relay Under the Lights

The musical performance part of Kate Frenette and Jill Pagoni’s senior project scheduled for this evening has been cancelled. The original senior project was a relay for monetary support for cancer while a concert consisting of local bands was organized as an extension of the relay. “The senior project was a relay for life and the

Shitia’s Senior Project Deemed a Success

Senior Projects are an important step to graduating from Woodland Regional High School. Some seniors collect cans, others organize fundraisers or assemblies to get the word out about certain charities and organizations. However, Mohamed Shitia, senior at Woodland Regional High School decided to do something a little different: organize a ping pong tournament. He could of

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