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January 22, 2018

region 16

Region 16’s 2016 Teacher of the Year, Christopher Tomlin

From the Desk of Michael P. Yamin, Superintendent of Schools Date:       June 17, 2015 Subject:   2016 Region 16 Teacher of the Year Regional School District #16 continues to participate in the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Teacher of the Year program. It is an opportunity for participating school districts to annually recognize and acknowledge teaching excellence.

A New School, A New Beginning

  Story by Carly Erickson and Veronica Dergachev Usually, your traditional elementary school is grades Pre-K through fifth grade. But, in Prospect, there are two elementary schools. Algonquin, the older of the two schools, has grades Pre-K through third, and Community has grades fourth and third. But, instead of the students transitioning from one school

Region 16 Gears up for Change after Recent Budget Pass

The Region 16 Budget for the 2015-2016 school year was recently passed, bringing changes to schools across Region 16. The most prominent changes being made within the region will include a full day Kindergarten program at both Prospect Elementary and Laurel Ledge Elementary.  A talented and gifted program and enrichment program will also being coming

“Maintain, Don’t Gain”

Never arrive hungry. Count your appetizers. Limit ‘tastes’ while cooking. Divert your attention. Pace yourself. These are just some of the suggestions for staff members looking to be successful in Region 16’s “Maintain Don’t Gain” Competition. The competition is designed to encourage staff members to maintain their current weight while exercising at least three days

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