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January 23, 2018


Halloween in the Woods 2016

Woodland held yet another successful Halloween on October 31. Dressing up remained a senior privilege with costumes ranging from Donald Trump and his wall to the KFC’s Colonel Sanders. Halloween at Woodland will continue to conjure up school spirit and be a day for the entire student body to look forward to. Best Group: Inside Out (Elif Abedin,

Senior Halloween Dress-up

Photo Credit: Julia Caruso and Katie Minutillo   Best Group: Trophies Judges’ Favorite: Shrek Funniest: Lunch lady Most Original: Playboy Bunnies Best Duo: Cosmo and Wanda

Five Horror Hits to Make Your Halloween

[su_box title=”Disclaimer” style=”soft” radius=”2″ class=”width: 200px;”]Hawk Headlines does not encourage the viewing of these films for an audience under 17 as they are rated R, not suitable for most students.[/su_box] You know those movies that leave you dashing up the stairs at night when you turn the lights off. When your home alone and you

Tricks or Treats?

The night of October 31, the eve of All Saints’ Day, also known as Halloween, is a holiday where children dress up in costumes and run around door to door collecting candy. Over the years, many urban legends have developed surrounding Halloween. One of the most common is that strangers implement poisons, razor blades and

Halloween Hoorah

Halloween has now come and gone. But, at Woodland it created memories for the senior class that will last a life time. For many years now, dressing up for Halloween has been a senior privilege at Woodland. After anxiously waiting for four years, seniors were finally able to construct their Halloween costumes. On October 31,

Senior Privilege to be Preserved

Cauldrons, coffins, candy and costumes. Halloween is almost here and seniors at Woodland are carefully choosing proper Halloween apparel to wear to school. For the last twelve years, seniors have had the privilege of dressing up in school for Halloween. But with a new principal, questions have risen about whether or not this tradition will

The Walking Dead

Premiering on Halloween, AMC’s new original series, The Walking Dead, sets its tone very quickly in the first episode. Kentucky Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes approaches a little girl on an otherwise empty street. As he follows her among the many abandoned cars in the street, she slowly is alerted to his presence, and turns to face

Halloween at Woodland

Halloween 2009 was in full gear at Woodland as the seniors entered the school dressed in their costumes. This year’s senior class brought some of the funniest and most creative ideas yet. As a senior privilege, the right to dress up is looked forward to all year. Dani Fowler, Woodland senior, said, “Being able to dress

Halloween Extravaganza

 The graveyards are coming alive to haunt you because Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is defined as the evening of October 31st, the eve of All Saints’ Day.  Each year it is a tradition in most cases to dress up as a silly or cute character and parade around town trick or treating.  However, some

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