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January 23, 2018


Track Heads to Last NVL Meet for the Season

The Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field teams finished the last of their NVL-conference meets this Tuesday. Both teams swept all three competitors–Watertown, Holy Cross, and Naugatuck. The win sealed the undefeated record for the girls at 14-0, while boys finished almost perfect, 13-1, with one close loss to Seymour. All of the winning this


[poll id=”16″] The Taylor Swift tickets sold out in 6 minutes. 6 flipping minutes. 68,756 tickets sold out in 6 minutes. I was nearly heartbroken–almost in tears.  Really, I was on the edge of a breakdown. And I am not even what you would call a “super fan.” I swear I’m not. I would never

Girls Tennis

Tennis The Woodland girl’s tennis tryouts will be held from March 21 to March 22 meeting at the tennis courts at 3 p.m.

Family Fun Night at Friendly’s

The Woodland Boys and Girls Soccer Booster club is hosting Family Fun Night at Friendly’s. The event will be held on Monday September 27th from 5 – 8 P.M. A percentage of all sales (eat in, take out, and ice cream) will support the Woodland soccer teams. Friendly’s is located at 130 Avenue in Naugatuck.

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