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January 23, 2018


Didn’t Get into YOUR TOP CHOICE DREAM SCHOOL? No worries, neither did I!

The college process has the ability to take over one’s life– start an empire and just conquer everything else. Everyone talks about it. You and your parents don’t talk about what’s going on in school, they talk about where you’re applying and what’s the best option, and when I’ll hear back. Discussions among friends don’t

College Bowl Games

At the end of the regular college football season, only some football teams get the opportunity to play in a bowl. A bowl is the ultimate goal for any college football team; it is the highpoint in any winning team’s season. Besides being the endpoint of the college football season the college bowl games also

Junior Planning Night

The guidance department is holding a Junior planning night April 7th from 6:45-7:30 and 7:45-8:30. There are the following workshops that will be taking place: Life Beyond High School: Preparing for the Work World: Mrs. Hilda Delucia, President of Inspired Learning, will provide the students attending with the basic knowledge of how to maximize their

March Madness Prediction

March is upon us once again and most people know what that means; March Madness. Most non sport fans think of it as just another sport and another reason for people to become stressed. Well to us sport maniacs it’s time to put your knowledge of college basketball to the test and see who the

WRHS Guidance Update

Senior Night: Wednesday, September 15th at 7 p.m.: Seniors and their parents are invited to attend an informational evening with counselors to discuss the college application process. Individual counselors will meet with their students and parents in the following locations: Mrs. Metzler: Room 206/208, Mrs. Murdy: Room 207/209, and Mrs. Folta: Room 202. All attendees

Post Secondary Planning Night

Post Secondary Planning Night will take place on April 6th from 7-9 pm. All Woodland students and their parents are invited to an evening of workshops to help students through life after high school. Juniors and their parents are invited to a special 6:30-7 pm session with their school counselor prior to the workshops. The

College Financial Aid Night

By: Anna Ocasio A College Financial Aid Night will be taking place at 7 PM on December 3rd, 2009, at the WRHS Media Center. Seniors are encouraged to attend as well as juniors. Ms. Susan Gerber, Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Yale University, will provide an overview of the financial aid process and will


   All high school students are given a choice to either take the SAT or ACT.  Both tests are accepted by all colleges and universities.  Both tests have multiple testing dates throughout the country.  Both tests contain sections focusing on reading, mathematics, and writing.  But, here’s the difference.    The first difference is physical. The

On-Site Admissions Program

Admissions Officers will be coming to WRHS for individual interviews for admission into either Central Connecticut State university, Southern Connecticut State University, or Western Connecticut State University.  Following the interview, Admissions Officers will tell the student whether they would be accepted into the particular college or not. Admissions Officers from Central Connecticut State University will

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