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January 23, 2018


Hawk Headlines Wins Big at EXPOfest 2017

Most of the time we report the news. Right now, we are the news! Congratulations to Hawk Headlines Documentaries for sweeping both awards in the short documentary category–Critics Award and Best Short Documentary. Producers Caitlyn Martin and Isabella Fabrizi accepted the award on stage. Crew included Victoria Baliga, Hailey Bernier, Kaitlyn Syrowsky, Sylvia Lemanski, Sarah

HHL NEWS Heads to Documentary Competition Today

After two months of interviewing, editing and production, the night has finally arrived! Two of Hawk Headlines Preserving Our History documentaries are up for consideration in this year’s ExpoFest. Producers Veronica Moscariello (“Blow it up, Build It Up”) and Murrae Tiano (“They Don’t Issue You a Wife in Your Seabag”) along with their teams have

Digital Media Prepares for EXPO 2016

The Connecticut Student Innovation EXPO has always been a bittersweet experience for Hawk Productions over the past several years. As highly regarded filmmakers in the Connecticut Student Film Festival, they are always trying to not only maintain, but also improve their award-winning status. The young filmmakers have found little success in their production of documentary

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