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January 23, 2018

Humans Of R16

Humans of Region 16:: Diondra Owusu

“Yesterday in Italian, some boys made a really funny joke. I started laughing so hard. It was the loudest laugh ever. That class always makes me laugh, so it was really awkward.”

Mia Bissonnette

“My favorite color is yellow. I feel like it brings a lot of joy into this world. It’s very pure. For example, the sun, happiness, and butternut squash are all yellow.”

Stephanie McClean

“These are my fun pants and they make me feel happy and they also make others feel happy which makes me feel happier.”

Katelyn Terpstra

“People tend to be afraid of things they don’t understand, so I feel as if the world will be a better place if people took the time to understand and accept rather than look down at others.”

Madelyn Vallillo

“Gotcha Day is the day that an adopted child is chosen by their parents. On October 13, 2003 I was adopted in China after 10 months of being in an orphanage. My name before I was adopted was Chin Hua Jiang before my parents decided I was a Madelyn. My gotcha day means a lot

Isiah Miller

“My favorite part of Woodland is the environment that students and teachers create. Teachers like Mr. Riello teach based on experience which is very helpful to me, considering I want to work in the communication field.”

Laura Vitzoski

“If I could go anywhere? Well I’m not really the type of person that has wanted to travel all over. As long as I’m doing something off-the-wall crazy I can really go anywhere. I think it matters what you’re doing more than where you are. My mom wanted to go to Bermuda for the summer and

Fred Smith

  “The character I think I relate most to is the road runner. I like him because he goes ‘beep beep’ and runs fast. Kind of like me!” 

Jon Ridge

“The best day of my life was the day I went to Venice Beach. Growing up in the valley, I was always in a category of my own. But when I went to Venice Beach, it was like a whole city filled with people just like me. Everybody was a surfer dude who rode around

Teacher Feature: Jennifer Carvalho

Woodland has a wide variety of educators, ranging from skydivers to marathon-runners. The school is embellished with hundreds of teachers, each with their own experiences and perspectives used to better their students’ education. This year Woodland has added to its diverse staff with the addition of Jennifer Carvalho, a well-traveled teacher with experience in international

Veronica Moscariello

“Unified Sports has basically taught me how much people appreciate the little things like scoring a basket, because when you see the smile on their face after they score it’s absolutely priceless. I can’t even describe the feeling knowing that when you pass the ball to them you are the reason they are smiling. This

Rose Reynolds

“Today in Ms. Block’s class, Megen Sirowich thought it would be funny to put the contents of my pencil case in my hair. I think it really represents my skills in communicating with others.”

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