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Humans Of R16

  • Ashley Frenette

    “My entire life revolves around Cheerleading and One Tree Hill.”

  • Donovan White

    “My mom decided that in some past life, I was a priest working at the Vatican. Whenever I saw pigeons, I used to say, ‘Dem’s...

  • Alexis Kelliher

    “I still have my tan lines from the Belize trip… that was in April.”

  • Zach Crowell

    “I wrote my name wrong on the PSATs, so I received floods of college letters all addressed to ‘Zachary Cromlen’.”

  • Mark Dandelske

    “When we first opened the school, I asked Doctor Frank if I could paint my office and he said ‘yeah, just don’t do it until...

  • Julia Swiatek

    “I came here when I was six. My parents had decent jobs but the economy was really bad in Poland. They wanted me to have choices...

  • Lauren Tompkins: The Lone Ranger on the Boys Swim Team

    If you’re on a boys team, you better act like a boy. That’s the motto Lauren Tompkins has lived by throughout her entire swimming career. Tompkins,...

  • Fine Arts Friday Featuring Ainsley McMahon

    For senior Ainsley McMahon, ballet has been the most influential part of her entire life. Inspired by her sister and the New York City Ballet...

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