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January 23, 2018


Bus Drivers in the Snow

Written By Veronica Dergachev As the winter goes on, storms come and go and each time more snow continues to accumulate on the ground. These conditions often cause accidents happen, but rarely does anyone seem to hear about bus drivers getting into accidents. This is because, according to Brenda Bass, the safety supervisor at the

Mike and McCusker in the Morning:: The Vine

Mike Conway and Steve McCusker discuss The Vine. They talk about what it is, how it is different from other social media, and how it allows you to make videos of cut scenes. Is The Vine here to stay or will it slowly fade away?

LISTEN:: Kiesel’s Christmas Sweaters

[dropcap]LISTEN:: Nancy Kiesel tells her own story[/dropcap]¬†(interview by Jesse Erickson) They’re all the rage. ¬†They’ve created competitions and they’ve been one of the most popular party themes. The desperate are paying hundreds to have one so that they could fit in. But, there’s one who hasn’t overpaid for an ugly sweater. One who has no

PODCAST:: Klancic’s Korner

Alyssa Klancic’s podcast for June interviews Woodland students about summer plans, senior memories, and next year. Alyssa also talks to the incoming 8th graders.

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