Combating Digital Eye Strain

Due to COVID-19, most students are learning at home on their computers three to five days a week, which could cause serious damage to their eyes.
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According to the Vision Council, during the time span of six to nine hours, 32% of people begin to show signs of digital eye strain. An average Woodland school day is about six and a half hours and in that time, students are mainly on their chromebooks. This means that about 32% of the school’s population (167 people) may be suffering from sore, tired, burning, itching, or dry eyes, along with blurred or double vision and headaches. Sometimes, a person’s eyes need a break after a long day of looking at a computer screen. Reading is a nice way for students to debrief themselves after school and give their eyes a break from the hours they spent on their computer. Here are three novels that will help combat digital eye strain.

A Walk to Rember

by Nicholas Sparks

Following along with the passionate and tragic love story of two mortally opposite teenagers, Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember carries a heavy message of love and loyalty. The tear jerking novel is set in 1958-1959 in Beauford, North Carolina. Though the novel represents pain, acceptance, and devotion, A Walk to Remember can be classified as a light read and a page turner because of Sparks’ interiging use of words and dialogue. Follow through the eyes of Landon Carter as him and his star-crossed lover try and navigate through the struggles of conformity in high school. Sparks’ novel was released in October of 1999 and three years later, an equally powerful and romantic cinematic rendition of the novel was released.


It’s Kind of a Funny Story

by Ned Vizzini

Informative and personal are two ways to categorize the content of Ned Vizzini’s novel, It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Readers follow the point of view of fifteen-year-old Craige Gilner and his journey as he goes through the steps to a mental health recovery. After an especially difficult night, Gilner experiences unpleasant thoughts and decides to admit himself into a psychiatric hospital, making the novel a heavy and emotional read. The honest and open novel is set in various sections of New York City, symbolizing the emotions and struggles of Gilner. As Gilner progresses in age, his home changes. The novel begins with Gilner as a young boy living in Manhattan. This stands as a symbol of Gilner’s success. Vizzini’s novel was released in April of 2006 and a cinematic adaptation of the novel was released in October of 2008.

Me & Emma

by Elizabeth Flock

Through the eyes of eight-year-old Carrie Parker, readers will understand the struggles of living in a flawed environment. Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock is an especially heavy read with a shocking twist and spectacular ending, which will make readers rethink every word Flock had written. The novel is set in North Carolina and the main characters live in an impoverished home. After seeing the life of Parker, readers will count their blessings and appreciate their lives. Along with the release of Me & Emma in 2004, Flock has written four other best selling novels.

Reading a book, whether it be a “light read” or “heavy read” will help relax a person’s eyes after a long day of online reading and school. Reading on a screen makes our eyes work harder than they do when reading on a piece of paper.

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