Brandon Moore Joins Woodland Faculty

Being transferred from working in middle school to high school is a big transition, not only for students, but for teachers as well. After teaching math at Long River, Brandon Moore is now ready to teach Algebra 1 and Geometry at Woodland. Seeing all the familiar faces makes him excited to become a Hawk and be a part of the school environment in and out of class. 

“Most of the students here, [in the] senior class, were my first group of students in the region,” explained Moore. “It’s exciting to see them graduate this year.” 

Woodland’s schedule has been the hardest transition for Moore. The changes have been tough because he is not with the same class everyday. The longer class of 80 minutes at Woodland versus the 50 minute classes at Long River gives Moore a longer chance to teach and get to know his students. 

“As much as I enjoyed working for Long River, I believe my talents and personality suits the high school level,” Moore said. “I think high school is a better environment for me and the way I interact with students.” 

Being involved in clubs and sports is the best way to connect and get to know students. Moore is also interested in helping with the soccer team. 

“I love soccer [and] I’m not qualified to be a coach, but being part of the soccer squad would be cool,” said Moore. 

Moore is also more than willing to advise a new club. Spending time outside of class creates better bonds between a teacher and a student and Moore hopes to do so soon. 

Being able to teach some of last year’s eighth graders again this year makes Moore realize how lucky he is to teach the same students. Moore also looks forward to meeting new students who he did not teach in middle school.