Science Honor Society Comes to Woodland

Science-oriented students now have a chance to enrich their scientific knowledge with like-minded students and get one step closer to a job in this field. Starting this year, science teachers Donna Lesch and Jill Blasi introduced the Science National Honor Society to Woodland, which they will be the advisors of. 

“We will be focusing on activities that will bring in speakers who can show that their science has made an impact on society,” stated Lesch. 

Lesch and Blasi have plans for activities in this honor society, including a media center table where students can get help from honor society members, discussions, and possibly even experiments. 

In addition to this, Lesch also hopes to create an area in Woodland where the students in this honor society can work together to improve upon their knowledge in the area of science. 

“They will be working on projects that will hopefully broaden and deepen their scientific knowledge,” Lesch stated. “Whether these projects be discussion groups about different research that is going on out there.”

The new members are very excited for this new adventure. 

“I feel like a lot of us can share ideas and therefore develop our knowledge of science through the Science National Honor Society,” said Austin Roberts, a junior who hopes to be Vice President of this honor society. “The honor society brings together kids who are science oriented. It establishes a love and honor for science, because it was not here at Woodland before.”

The Science National Honor Society advisors are also looking towards the future and hoping to help students make an impact on the world. 

“We want to grow future leaders,” said Lesch. “I think our society needs to sustain national strength and leadership in science. This honor society is just one way that Woodland can contribute to that.”