Hawk Wings Starts the School Year Strong

With big smiles on their faces, new and returning Hawk Wings members rushed to their first meeting, 2:05 pm on Tuesday, September 24th.  They had a lot to be excited about the many plans for the school year and their new club advisor. 

Hawk Wings is one of the largest clubs at Woodland, which runs annual projects that reach out to Woodland students and support great causes. But, this year, Hawk Wings is welcoming new co-advisers, Anna Muharem and Janine Murdy. 

Members can get excited for their new advisors who’ve set up fun meetings and projects that integrate the student body at Woodland. 

Muharem, the club’s co-advisor, is excited to hold Tuesday meetings and encourage members to promote peer advocacy and support for one another.  

“Over the past couple of years I’ve been thinking about how I could be more involved in the student life at Woodland,” said Muharem. 

Woodland’s very own, Chris Decker was offered the AD/Dean job, Muharem and Decker had a conversation about how she could take Hawk Wings over.

“This is my 6th year here and I wanted to commit myself to something that has endurance and enhances our community,”  Muharem said. 

With a new advisor guiding their way,  Hawk Wing members can also look forward to their annual Holiday Hill Trip where they will participate in fun and educational seminars.  

As a teacher Muharem knows that words on social media can often be hurtful to other users.  This year, members are thinking about starting a campaign to spread social media awareness. This campaign will promote Woodland students to think before they post to avoid these issues.

Our goal is to spread kindness throughout the school and create a positive school climate,” Muharem said.  “We have a few ideas in place so far for this year, including ‘Chains of Kindness’ and a trip to LRMS to promote Woodland and act as a resource of information for timid 8th graders.” 

Erin McGuire, a returning member, is excited for all this year has to offer.  

This year in Hawk Wings, I’m most excited about going to Long River to speak to the 8th graders who will be freshmen next year,” stated McGuire.  “We’re not only answering their questions and helping them feel more comfortable with their shift from middle to high school, but we also get to tell them how great Woodland is.”  

New members, especially Freshman, are always welcomed.