10:50 Students are heading to their 2A classes.


10:47 The dignitaries gather for a photo.


10:45 Principal, Kurt Ogren, gives a final closing speech and gifts Meghan Geary with a bouquet of flowers. 

10:41 Emma Flaherty, Woodland junior, thanks Meghan Geary on behalf of her students.

10:39  Region 16 Board of Education Chairman, Robert Hiscox, thanks Meghan Geary for her service to Woodland.


10:38 Region 16 teacher’s Union President, Stephen Jerram, congratulates Meghan Geary on behalf of her peers.

10:37 Prospect Mayor, Robert Chatfield, congratulates Meghan Geary.


10:36 First Selectman, Christopher Bielik, congratulates Meghan Geary.


10:35 Logan, Sampson, And Zupkus honor Meghan Geary with an American flag.

10:26 Meghan Geary thanks all of her supporters.

10:23 Connecticut Commisioner of Education, Miguel Cardona, says a few words about Meghan Geary.


10:20 Lamont announces Meghan Geary as the Connecticut Teacher of the Year.

Woodland’s own Meghan Geary has been named CT State Teacher of the Year. Today, students were called into the gymnasium for an assembly in which state dignitaries, including Governor Ned Lamont, spoke on behalf of her big win. Geary will now head the the national competition. pic.twitter.com/RTA5jqbv0Z

— HawkHeadlines:NEWS (@hawk_headlines) November 1, 2019

10:17 Governor, Ned Lamont; Senator, George Logan; Senator, Rob Sampson; Representative, Lezlye Zupkus; Connecticut Commisioner of Education, Miguel Cardona; First Selectman of Connecticut, Christopher Bielik;  Mayor of Prospect, Robert Chatfield; Region 16 Board of Education Chairman, Robert Hiscox; Region 16 teacher’s Union President, Stephen Jerram; Mr. and Mrs. Hatch, Mr. and Mrs. Geary, and many others are in attendance.


10:15 Superintendent, Michael Yamin, says a few words.


10:13 Caitlyn Marvin sings the national anthem.


10:12 Woodland Principal, Kurt Ogren, welcomes everyone in attendance.


10:12 Meghan Geary, Region 16 Teacher of the Year, enters the gym to a large amount of applause.

10:09 Vice Principal, Ryan McKenzie, welcomes all in attendance.


10:05 Students are entering the gym.


10:02 Governor, Ned Lamont, arrives at Woodland.


9:58 The Live Broadcast of today’s assembly is now up on Hawk Headlines’ youtube:



9:55 The dignitaries head up to the gym.


9:29 News 8 arrives at Woodland.


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