Future Med Seeks New Members

Future Medical Professionals at Woodland may not be the largest club in the school, but
it has big plans for this upcoming school year. The members of the club are working hard and fast towards their dreams and would love to have new members join them on this exciting journey.

“Future Med is about trying to learn more about the medical field and is here to help people in figuring out what they want to do within it,” stated Jess Vardon, President of Future Med.

Both Vardon and Theresa Sherwood, Secretary of Future Med, verified that new members do not have to be going into the medical field. Students can join the club if they are interested in being a medical professional, or even just learning more about the field. During the Club Fair, Future Med club members did their best to get people to sign up in efforts to make it a bigger club. Vardon, Sherwood, and Alexis Yoxall, Vice President of Future Med, want students to be able to take over Future Med once they graduate.

Shown Above: Future Med’s table at the annual club fair. Photo taken by Olivia Sullivan.
















One of Future Med’s biggest events during club meetings is having guest speakers, who are medical professionals, speak to the members about experiences in their specific medical field. This knowledge can be helpful when pursuing a job in the medical field and can be helpful even those just thinking about it.

“I knew I wanted to be a nurse, but I didn’t know about the different fields of nursing,” said Sherwood. “Future Med was created to help students figure out what they want to do, and it helped me in that way as well.”

The executive board plans on having more speakers come in this year so that members can truly get a grip on what it is like to be a medical professional. They plan to have an eye doctor, oncology nurse, and Yoxall’s mom, who is a certified and experienced nurse, come in at some point throughout the year to talk to members about their jobs and experiences in the medical field.

Vardon was the student who came up with the idea for Future Med and created it.

“At the time, I wanted to be a surgeon, and I also wanted to be in a science club, but the only option was a forensics club. So we came up with the idea to create a Future Med Club and asked Mr. Feige to be our advisor,” said Vardon. “When he said yes we went to Mr. Ogren and had some meetings to make Future Med official.”

Future Med is a helpful club for those who are on the edge of deciding whether they want

“Future Med is about trying to learn more about the medical field.” – Vardon

a career in the medical field or not. If students are interested in having a job within the medical field, do not be afraid to go to one of the Future Med meetings and join. It can help students truly decide if the medical field is right for them and get advice in the meantime.