Hawk Productions Shines at ExpoFest

There is one goal each year, one event that determines their success, one weekend that surpasses all others. For Hawk Productions, this is ExpoFest.

The members of Hawk Productions have worked hard all year to prepare their final project. They present this project at Expofest in June with the hopes of winning a multitude of awards. The goal is to win as many awards as possible to validate all the work that has been done.

“Expofest is the final showcase for our class to display the projects we’ve been working on all year,” remarks Jade Brennan. “It’s our opportunity to show our community what digital media is all about.”

This year the students of the digital media program have taken on a new project, a movie review show called Hawkbuster. In previous years, they worked on a talk show, Hawk Talk. Hawkbuster was created as a replacement for this show.

“Our new project is a place for teenagers to review movies and short films for other students who are planning to see it,” said Brennan. “They get an overview and decide if it is worth seeing”.

Hawkbuster was the fresh start the students of Hawk Productions needed, especially those who have been with the program for multiple years. It provides a new outlet for students to be creative and allow more to contribute to the projects.

With this new project, the team had high hopes of bringing more ExpoFest trophies home. The team was extremely confident going into the competition. After the one night of two the team had already won best editing and best overall for their 84 Hour Film Challenge. This challenge required the students to make a short film in 84 hours with a set of requirements.

“Our goal this year is to not only exceed what we’ve done in the past but also learn about communication and business in the real world,” Brennan said. “What we learn in this class can be easily applied to many aspects of our lives.”

The students surpassed their expectations with their two wins on their first night. They were not only successful in the competition but in the classroom. They learned to work together with others and learned skills that can help them throughout all classes.

“The team had to work together by breaking off into individual jobs and later collaborating on all of the parts of the project,” Brennan stated.

Overall, this year’s group of Hawk Production students has been successful. They won numerous awards at ExpoFest and gained knowledge that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Best Editing- 84 Hour Film Challenge Closed Beta
Best Overall- 84 Hour Film Challenge Address Unknown