Hydro Flasks: Woodland’s Latest Trend

Article by May Dawes & Jordan Jones

  Hydro Flasks are the new trend at Woodland Regional High School. But apparently are not as reliable as them seem. The Hydro Flask is a new insulated water bottle that keeps hot liquids hot, and cold liquids cold. Many people own this popular water bottle, and the take is everywhere. The average Hydro Flask sports bottle is around $40, so they definitely aren’t too light on your wallet, especially for a water bottle. If they are so expensive, what makes them worth the money?

Kylie Leonard is a sophomore at Woodland Regional High School who believes the Hydro Flask is a great investment.

Q: When did you first find out about Hydro Flasks?

A: “I had once since the summer, but I had no idea what is actually was. My mom gave it to me and said she got one too, so I just thought it was some average water bottle. I didn’t really know the hype of them until September when everyone really started to talk about them. Then I realized they were actually a pretty big hit with people.”

Q: What do you like about them?

A: “I really like it because it keeps my water cold for a really long time. I can fill it up with ice, and the ice will stay in it for 24 hours.”

Q: So are they worth getting?

A: “I do think they are SO worth the money. The only complaint I have is that they dent super easily, but the brand has a lifetime guarantee, so if it breaks and you send it back you will get a new one. That was the case with mine when the inside of it broke.”  

While some people have an obsession over the well-insulating water bottles, there are others who believe they aren’t worth the money. Although they have fancy colors and come in different shapes and sizes, they are not durable. They can dent and scratch very easily. If you are buying an item that is expensive, you would want them to last long and not dent if you happen to drop them.

Elayna Beutel is a sophomore at Woodland, who does not think the Hydro Flask is a good investment.

Q: Do you think the Hydro Flasks are worth the money?

A: “I do not think that they are worth the money. You spend a lot of money for something that looks good at first, but it goes down the drain if you drop it. I believe it is a waste of money.”

Q: What are some things you like and don’t like about the water bottle?

A: “Hydro Flasks are a huge flex. They keep drinks warm/cold and they have appealing colors. However, once you drop it, the color will chip off and it will dent. I won’t look as good anymore.”

Q: Do you own a Hydro Flask?

A: “I don’t, since I can buy another water bottle that is even better a lower price. Many water bottles can keep drinks cold, have cool patterns, and don’t dent/chip if you drop them.”

Q: Would you recommend this product to anyone?

A: “I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. People are guaranteed to end up dropping it. I don’t want to recommend something that dents so easily.”

Q: Why do you think most people think people are buying this product?

A: “I think that Hydro Flasks are being bought by so many people because they are the more expensive choice. Also, they have different colors and are easy to look at.”

Overall, you can either love or hate the Hydro Flask. They are both colorful and well insulated, and expensive and easy to dent. Despite its cost and durability, it won’t stop people from purchasing these trendy water bottles.