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Jade Brennan: Breaking Records Since 2016

Jade Brennan breaks records.

Since her freshman year, Jade has earned the reputation of an exceptional runner by everyone around her. She has broken multiple records during her time on the indoor track team, including the distance medley relay and her individual 600 meter run. She is proud of both records but mostly of her individual record.

Brennan’s talent can be traced back to her middle school years. She attended Tyrrell Middle School in Wolcott and she participated on the school’s cross country and track teams. During her freshman year, at Woodland, Brennan started out as a sprinter, running between 100’ and 400’ meter events. She scored points for the team in all of the meets and her times were enviable.

“I knew that I needed to become more of a mid-distance runner to be more successful.” – Jade Brennan

Brennan knew going into the record breaking race that she was already expected to break it. However, she did not let the pressure get to her. During the race, Brennan was confident, she knew that any doubt could destroy her chances of completing her goal. In the beginning of the race she felt strong, but as the race went on she started to get tired but knew she had to push herself.

“When I was running, I felt pretty good, tired, but on the last lap I realized I could beat the record if I went all out,” Brennan said.

Brennan has been exceptional since her first indoor season and was awarded Best on Track that same season. Her talent would only grow as the seasons passed. Her teammates and coaches knew it was not a matter of if Brennan would break a record but when.

Brennan had to work long and hard to achieve her record. Her jump from being a sprinter to a mid-distance runner was a smooth but nerve-filled change.

“I knew that I needed to become more of a mid-distance runner to be more successful,” she said.

At first the change in workout and events was difficult but over time Brennan was able to adjust and began to love running longer distances.

“I like mid distance races because it takes a little bit longer to pick up speed instead of running a super short distance with a great amount of speed in a few seconds.”

Brennan hopes to improve her time even more, and break her own record next season.

Indoor track may be over, but Brennan’s work is not done. Her next goal is to break the outdoor track record for the 400’  meter run. Brennan knows that to achieve her goals she must put in the work every day, but for her, it is worth it when she wins her race.

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